We take the headache out of kitchen renovation

Whether you’re upgrading kitchens one at a time or in multiple units, Cinchkit simplifies the process. Place your order on our website, and we will calculate the number of pulls, hinges, bumpers, screws, false front brackets, and other accessories to complete your kit. Unit by unit, we make it easy.

Cinch's 6-step makeover

  1. Select a color and style
  2. Measure your existing cabinet doors
  3. Submit an order
  4. Your Cinchkit will ship in about a week
  5. Quick and easy install
  6. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

A complete kit for easy installation

This typical kit is 5 cartons with everything you need to renovate all the cabinets in an apartment - doors, drawer fronts, pulls, hinges, the works.

Kit Contents Video Time lapse installation video

Getting Started

Measurement Form

Cinchkit Measurement Forms simplify ordering exactly what you need. Use one Measurement Form for each unit to be renovated.

Shaker Measurement Form Slab Measurement Form

How to Measure and Order

Download detailed written instructions on measuring or watch our video.

Written Instructions Video Instructions

Credit Application

If your order exceeds $2,500, you can apply for a Cinchkit credit account, which takes 2-3 weeks for approval. If you have a resale certificate that exempts you from sales tax, scan and attach that certificate to your order.

Get Credit Application


With a lead time measured in days, you’ll soon have everything you need to install. We’ll package and label all your custom-sized doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. Detailed installation instructions will be included in your shipment and can also be downloaded. Also check out our videos on installing doors, drawer fronts, and false fronts.

Refacing Instruction Booklet Hang a Cabinet Door Video Install Drawer Front and Pull Video Install False Front Video

Long-term Care

Our doors are tough and need minimal care. If they get dirty, wipe them down with an all-purpose cleaner like Formula 409, Fantastik, or Mr. Clean. We also include in each kit a touch-up marker to make repairs in case a door is somehow damaged.

Lead Time

We ship in about a week after you place your order. If you’re in a pinch, we also offer expedited manufacturing.


You won’t spend time sorting out parts into their destination apartments. Cinchkit packages all the items ordered for each apartment together into a kit. The kit for an apartment is usually four to six cartons. This includes the doors and fronts, hinges, pulls, hardware, paint, etc. Each carton is clearly labeled with its apartment number. We don’t charge for cartons and pallets, like other suppliers!


Cinchkit labels parts to make item distribution in an apartment easy. The cartons are labeled with their destination apartment number, and the individual parts are labeled as well. Each item is labeled with the order line item. That means that if you measure your doors in order around the apartment, you can easily lay them out in the same order when you receive them. We also offer you the opportunity to enter labeling information on your order, which we will print on the part label. This helps to make it easy to figure out what part goes where in an apartment.