Beautiful cabinets and an attractive ROI

As a property owner or manager, you want to keep rent and occupancy up, and turnover down. Upgrading kitchen cabinets is an effective way of doing this, but it has always been a complicated, slow and expensive process. Cinch changes everything.

With our management team’s 25 years of cabinet-manufacturing experience, we provide complete kits that include everything you need to reface one apartment at a time—doors, fronts, paint, hinges, pulls, brackets, even screws. Order online and your package ships days later, instead of the weeks typically required. You receive a manageable number of clearly labeled boxes for each unit.

Lower cost. No parts storage. Short lead time. Faster, easier installation. You’ll have durable, stylish cabinets for higher rents and happier tenants, boosting your ROI in a big way.

Annual Rent Increase

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Annual Return On Investment (IRR)

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Monthly Increased Income

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How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Our standard time between order and shipment is five working days. For a 10% expedite fee, we will ship in three business days; for 15% we will ship in two days; and for a 25% expedite fee, we will ship the next day. Standard parcel service delivers to major cities in Texas next day and to large swaths of the U.S. in two days. Expedited delivery services are also available.

Is there a minimum purchase required?

No minimum purchase is required. We fill orders for one door, a kit for one apartment, or multiple kits for an entire complex.

What is Your Capacity?

Our factory is designed to produce refacing kits in high volumes with high efficiency. We have a daily production capacity of more than 100 apartments.

How are orders packaged?

Cinch packages together all the items necessary to renovate a given apartment – including custom-sized doors and drawer fronts, hinges, pulls, paint, and other items ordered. For each apartment, you’ll receive a Cinch Kit made up of approximately five parcels. The parcels will be labeled, “Apartment 1412, (5 cartons)”, etc. Customers will also have the option to enter detailed destination information on individual parts as they place an order.

How have you simplified the installation process?

Since 1999, our owner has managed a company that installed cabinetry in more than 300,000 new apartments. As a result, we have a unique insight into simplifying this process. We offer installation instructions, pre-drill the doors for hinges, supply easy-to-use installation jigs, provide all the needed hardware and fasteners, provide detailed destination information on the part labels, and pack to support easy product delivery to the apartment.

3-Way Warranty

Cinch is proud of our products, and we stand behind them.  Click the button to see our 3-Way Warranty and product specifications. 

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